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Rick Anderson 

Artist Statement

My paintings express the passion of visual achievement  through images, symbols, compositions and elements stemming  from experiences which can be personal, social, political and environmental. This passion, or my desire of artistic creation, began at a very early age and has never faded. I paint. My work changes. It evolves. My vision is to create art that makes a strong visual statement that is unique.  I achieve this by designing compositions with realistic images juxtaposed with abstract designs that  contain collage elements, textures, geometric and hard edge shapes, and free flowing lines and areas of color that range from bright and bold to very subdued earth tones. At times, I use gold and silver metallic paint and apply it by dripping, pouring, and spreading it randomly over parts of the surface, and let it dry. This technique creates an interesting visual effect.  I want the viewer to walk up to my work and discover  elements of interest that may not be apparent from a distance. Whether on canvas or illustration board, the results do not vary. 

My paintings include elements of nature-trees, sky, and parts of structures combined with non-objective elements of  design.  I  achieve this  by applying layers of wet transparent washes combined with opaque applications to the art surface or canvas. I  apply different size canvas pieces, gold leaf, Prismacolor pencil, and pencil drawings on the painted surface.  This process creates contrasting light and dark areas that result in a visual  break up of space within the paintings. When painting on gallery-wrap canvases, the painting continues on all four edges, and  can be displayed without framing. My paintings can be classified in the category of Painting, or 2dimensional mixed media. To me this is not the important aspect of my work. The important aspect is to make a visual statement  that is highly creative and passes my standards

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