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Yoga for Children 

Yoga through Stories


If you watch the very young children from birth to 5 years of age, you will notice that they naturally do many basic yoga postures.  Continuing this, utilizing their imagination to create exciting stories, is an attractive way to keep them moving and stimulating their thinking skills.  

Parveen Chawla, a certified yoga instructor, will be leading a series of yoga classes for children at Studio 230. Parveen conducted yoga classes for children at the Memphis Children Museum and also taught yoga to Delta Aquatic Club swimmers.

1 st class March 17,2015

Tuesdays, 4 PM , 6 to 8 years


1st class March 19, 2015

Thursdays, 4 PM 9-12 years 


Classes, 45 minute each 


4 sessions, $100


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