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Cetin "Chet" Oguz 

I view the creation of art as an infinite set of possibilities.


Materials are infinite; subject matter is infinite; techniques are infinite.


Primarily, I paint and draw. These acts are the initial responses for making art. They are practical, joyful, and direct. I am a content, but energetic, guy with an open mind. Colors, lines, and forms are inevitable evidences for my imagination. In anywhere and anything, I seek beauty, vigor, drama and a hint of SURPRISE. My Forms are interlocking and abstract- colors are abrupt and intense - and my brush strokes are brisk.


I often compose my pieces dynamically as to evoke a sense of awareness. When viewing art work, viewers are encouraged to experience first and seek for meanings later.  Ultimately, art work solely relies on your interpretations and the liberties of your imagination. 

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