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Brandon Moon 



I am originally from Jackson, Mississippi.  After receiving my BFA in Painting from Delta State University in Cleveland, Mississippi I continued my studies in the graduate painting program at the Savannah College of Art & Design in Savannah, Georgia.  I now reside on the Hudson River on the outskirts of New York City where I am continuing to manipulate materials into something unique.


Though I have practiced and trained in many art forms from fibers to ceramics, my emphasis always gravitated toward painting, and as such, my work reflects this.  I create because I need to.  My focus is on the detailed and controlled abstract elements in my work while balancing this with realistic pictorial endeavors to continually challenge my own ideas.  This provides the propulsion to continue creating art.


I look for inspiration in the patterns of the surrounding landscape, be it urban or natural. I find myself contradicting what I see by inserting unnatural colors to reflect the ominous darkness underlying my views of the decaying earth.  By being true to myself I have found that my work reflects this, organic swathes of color and a sense of natural inspiration and, in some cases, with heavily textured bases to build a tactile vision based on this reflection. 


As the years progress, I see more clearly that my work is always building.  Every piece is an education and I know a work is successful on some level if I learned something while creating it.  The techniques or subtle variations then feed the next works, which have evolved into a combination of dystopian futures and those feelings that come and go so fervently.  That first cold air of fall that sparks a sensation of every fall before, a melancholia that’s inviting.

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