The Studio 230 Art Gallery, which is also the atelier (studio) of   the artist Cetin "Chet" Oguz, is located in Cleveland,             Mississippi. Besides housing the creative works of Chet and         several other artists, Studio 230 Art Gallery can also be leased   for private events.



The 3000 sq. feet of interior space can be configured with the     availability of portable wall-like dividers with an additional     1000 sq. feet of exterior deck space.  The Studio 230 Art Gallery   has a sound system, wireless AV projector, and 50 chairs/5 tables. The total occupancy of the building is 200. 










This beautiful space presents a rustic yet modern feel with unique works of art along with hand-carved columns and bypass doors. The Studio 230 Art Gallery is the perfect space for your private events, weddings, receptions, business meetings, etc. 

Studio 230 110 B South Court Street,

Cleveland, MS 38732